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The latest Formula 1 news delivered to your Dashboard


  • In depth coverage of Formula 1
  • Covers a wide range of F1 issues


  • Does not display drivers championship or standings
  • Links stories to an external site


The Formula 1 season is hotting up to be one of the most dramatic ever, with Braun coming from nowhere to steal the limelight and the entire sport threatening to split into two. Widget is designed for all those that want to keep on top of this groundbreaking season, and contains the latests updates about F1. If you're looking for a widget that keeps you informed of the latest race standings and driver's championship then prepared to be disappointed, however, because Widget only keeps you up to date with the latest news.

In fact, most of the information contained in the widget are simply excerpts of news stories that then link you to an external website. It would have been better if the stories could be read within the widget because after all, if I wanted to read news in my browser, I wouldn't need my dashboard! However, in terms of depth, Widget does a good job of covering every angle of the sport from season reviews so far to interview with some of the main figures in the sport. There are no customisation options however - clicking the preferences symbol simply takes you to more buttons that link to the external site. Widget won't provide the latest standings and results but it does give you an instant overview of the sports latest developments.

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